Connecting to your LED Light Tape via Bluetooth

We recommend you scan the included QR code in the box to download the correct app for your lights!

Thank you for purchasing your LED Light Tape! To set up BlueTooth for your lights, it's as simple as downloading the correct app and turning on your lights!

Step 1: Plug In Your Lights

Start out by connecting your lights, the LED controller box, and the power adapter together. We recommend attempting to turn on your lights manually first to ensure the product is working correctly.

Step 2: Downloading The App

Next you'll want to download the correct app for your LED Light Tape. We recommend you scan the QR code provided on the product instruction manual, or manually search for the correct app listed in the manual.

Step 3: Open Up The App

Once your lights are connected to power and the app has been installed, you can go ahead and open up the app! If your Bluetooth is off on your device or the device needs to give the app permission to use the Bluetooth, you may receive a pop-up on the app. Go ahead and follow the instructions on the pop-up to ensure your app is ready.

Step 4: Connecting To The Lights

In most cases, the app will automatically connect to your LED Light Strips, especially if you are using the app recommended with the product. To check whether the lights are connected, please do the following:

If you are able to see a device listed under the "My Devices" tab, your lights are connected and ready to go! Press the light bulb symbol to the left of the device name to turn on the lights. If the lights do not come on, please ensure the Bluetooth connection toggle is on. It should appear as an unbroken chain link.

If you don't see a device listed under the "My Devices" tab, do the following to add a new connection:

After you have selected the device and saved your selection, you're good to go!

Step 5: Go Viral!

Try turning on the lights using the light bulb symbol next to your device's name (as pictured above) or tap the green slider in the top right of the app homepage to turn on the lights!

If you have any more questions, or are unable to connect your lights, please reach out to us and we would be happy to assist!


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