Controls for the SkyBright™ Star Projector

NOTE: Due to shipping restrictions, the SkyBright™ Star Projector remote does not include batteries and must have 2x AAA installed batteries before use.

1. Turn LED lights (astral wave effect) ON/OFF.

2. Turn laser lights (star effect) ON/OFF.

Buttons 3-6 are used to create color combinations for the astral wave effect. For example, pressing Green and Red will create a Yellow astral wave effect!

3. Turn Red LED ON/OFF.

4. Turn Green LED ON/OFF.

5. Turn Blue LED ON/OFF.

6. Turn White LED ON/OFF.

Buttons 7-11 control the music connected via Bluetooth or USB. For more info about how to set up the Bluetooth or USB function, click here!

7. Volume Up.

8. Volume Down.

9. Play Previous Song.

10. Play Next Song.

11. Match lights to music ON/OFF. NOTE: Both the astral wave and star effects must be turned on first.

12. Increase speed of the wave effect. NOTE: Pressing this will also start the wave effect if paused.

13. Decrease speed of the wave effect.

14. Turn off/cancel sleep timer.

15. Start fade pattern 1. This will start a preset fade effect that transititons from Red, Green, Blue, and White waves with stars that fade in and out.

16. Start fade pattern 2. This will start a preset fade effect that transitions from Red-Blue, Red-Green, Red-White, Blue-Green, Blue-White, and Green-White waves with stars that fade in and out.

17. Set sleep timer for 1 hour.

18. Change astral wave effect brightness.

19. Start star fade effect. This will start just the stars to fade in and out as in fade patterns 1 and 2.

20. Set sleep timer for 2 hours.

21. Turn connected music ON/OFF.

Note: If you turn off both the LED wave light and the laser star effect, but still hear the projector turning, you will need to decrease the wave effect speed to pause (button 13).



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