LED Light Tape FAQs

How do I make my tape have multiple colors at once?

Only our DreamLight LED Light Tape has the ability to display multiple colors at once. Our Bluetooth and Remote LED Light Tape can only show one color at a time.

Why is my remote not working?

Unfortunately due to shipping restrictions, we are not currently able to include batteries with our shipments. You'll need to purchase a CR2025 battery for your remote. If your remote is still not working after inserting a battery, please contact our support team.

Will I receive a single 10M or 15M if I purchase those?

Most applications don't need a single strip this long. For that reason, you will receive multiple 5M strips and can either attach them together, or use them separately. The adapters included with 10M and 15M kits allow you to use each strip individually if you'd like.

How do I install my remote's battery?

First, remove the battery tray by pinching the notch at the bottom of the remote and pulling on the tray. When inserting your battery, make sure it's facing the right direction. If you're looking at the front of your remote, the text on battery should be facing away from you!

How do I install my LED Light Tape?

It's really simple! Check out our installation page here for a written and video tutorial.

Can I cut the LED Light Tape?

Yes you can! Our light strips have designated cutting points every 1.5-3.5 inches. These are marked with a small scissors icon on the top side of the tape. If you don't trim as designated cutting points, your light strips will not work.

Note: Only the side of the light strips that are plugged in will light up. The other side will not, unless plugged in with an additional power plug.

Can I add multiple light strips together?

Absolutely! You can add as many light strips together as you'd like. However, if you're using more than the power adapter is intended to light, you'll notice your light strips are dimmer than they should be. The power adapter included with 5M light tape is only intended to power one strip. the adapter included with 10M light tape is intended to power 2 strips, and the adapter included with 15M light tape is intended to power 3 strips.

Why is my adhesive failing?

Usually, this is a result of not cleaning the surface before installing the tape. Dust and dirt clogs up the adhesive, preventing it from sticking. You can attempt to clean the adhesive and the surface with a wet wipe, wait for it to dry, then reinstall. If it continues to fail, use the included wall hooks to help support your lights!

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