Setting Up Your SkyBright™ Star Projector

Step 1: Unbox Your Projector!

  • A ceiling full of stars is just a few steps away!
  • Your box should include 1x SkyBright™ Star Projector, 1x Remote, and 1x USB Mini-B power cable.

Step 2: Plug In The Power Cable

  • Plug in the USB Mini-B side of included power cable into the port labeled DC:5V on the back of the SkyBright™ Star Projector.

Step 3: Plug In The Power Cable

  • Insert the other end of the power cable into any DC 5V USB adapter.
  • Plug the 5V USB adapter into the nearest power socket and you're ready to light up your ceiling!


Step 4: Check Your Remote!

  • Remove the back panel of your remote and add 2 x AAA batteries as directed into the slot.
Note: Due to shipping restrictions, we are not currently able to include batteries with our shipments. You'll need to purchase a battery for your remote.
  • After installing the batteries, check remote by pointing it at the projector. If nothing is happening, don't worry, just check that the batteries was not inserted upside down.

Step 5: Light Up Your Ceiling!

  • Flip the manual switch on the back of the projector from OFF to On.
  • You're ready light up your ceiling! Press the circular power button at the top of the remote to turn on the astral wave effect, and press the rectangular power button to turn on the stars.
  • For a full guide on the controls please check out: Controls for the SkyBright™ Star Projector

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