Troubleshooting your LED Light Tape

While using our LED Light Tape is a breeze, setting it up can sometimes be a bit tricky. Here's some of the common solutions we recommend trying if your LED Light Tape is not turning on or changing colors properly.

Check The Arrows! (Remote/Bluetooth)
Make sure the arrows on the ends of the LED Light Tape line up correctly with the arrow(s) on the IR/Bluetooth Controller or any additional connected rolls of LED Light Tape. If not connected properly, your LED Light Tape will not power on.

Check For Loose Connections.
Check to make sure all connections are completely pushed together and snug, especially at the connection between the IR/Bluetooth adapter and your LED Light Tape. A loose connection will not allow power to reach the entire strip.

Try A Different Power Source.
Your LED Light Tape should automatically turn on the first time connected to power. If your LED Light Tape fails to turn on after being completely connected, it may not be recieving any power. We recommend trying another outet nearby to see if that resolves the issue.

If your lights are flickering or not reaching full brightness, the outlet voltage may be too high or low. The 12V DC adapter included with your LED Light Tape is compatible with inputs ranging from 100V to 240V.

Try Switching The Connectors (Remote/Bluetooth)
One of the 4-pin connectors may have been damaged while being connected the first time. Luckily we sent some extra! We recommend switching out the current 4-pin adapter with one of the extras, or using one of the extras on the opposite side of the LED Light Tape to connect it to the IR/Bluetooth Controller. To remove any of the 4-pin adapters, simply pinch on the prongs and pull.

Check The Remote battery!
If your LED Light Tape will turn on when connected to power but does not change colors or modes, it may be an issue with the remote. Due to shipping restrictions, we are not able to include a battery for the remote. A CR2025 must be inserted into the remote before use.

If you've added the battery and it still doesnt seem to be working, try flipping the battery over! It can be tricky to tell which side should be facing up. The "+" on the battery should always be facing the backside of the remote.

Still not working? Reach out to us at and we would be more than happy to further assist!

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