Troubleshooting your SkyBright Star Projector

While using our SkyBright Star Projector is a breeze, setting it up can sometimes be a bit tricky. Here's some of the common solutions we recommend trying if your SkyBright Star Projector is not turning on.

Make Sure It's Switched On!
Before using the remote to control the SkyBright Star Projector, the ON/OFF switch located on the back of the projector must be siwtched to ON. The remote will not work if the projector itself has not been switched on.

Ensure It's Connected To Power
While we'd love to offer a wireless version, the SkyBright Star Projector must be connected to power at all times in order to be used. Make sure the included power cord has been plugged into a USB power adapter and the port on the backside of the projector labeled "DC:5V 2A".

Try A Different USB Power Adapter
Most USB power adapters (such as the ones included with most smartphones) should be compatible with our SkyBright Star Projector. However, that may not always be the case. We recommend attempting to use a different USB power adapter or outlet all together if you continue to experience issues powering on the projector.

Check The Remote Battery!
If your SkyBright Star Projector will turn on using the switch on the back, but does not seem to respond to the remote, it may be an issue with the batteries. Due to shipping restrictions, we are not able to include batteries for the remote. 2x AAA batteries must be inserted into the remote before use. Try flipping the batteries around if it didn't seem to help!

Still not working? Reach out to us at and we would be more than happy to further assist!

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