Why hasn't my tracking updated yet?

There may be a few reasons your tracking hasn't quite updated yet!

1. It's brand new!

After you have first recieved your tracking number, it may take up to 2-3 bussiness days for the tracking information to update or become active. Since tracking numbers are created prior to packages being handed off to shipping companies, it may take a few days for your tracking to be added in their system.

2. The package might still be en route from one facility to another.

Since most tracking information updates after reaching the next facility in its journey, it is normal for tracking numbers to show no updates for a few days or more as it's in transit to its next desitination. Due to COVID-19, there may be additional delays in this process.

3. Your package is being delayed at customs.

If your tracking information shows that the package has entered your country, but doesn't provide any additional information after that, your package could just be delayed at customs. This is common on international orders and may take a few days to update.

If you think there may be another issue with your tracking number, feel free to contact us at support@virallights.com and we'll look into it!


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